General Sameh Seif El Yazal’s daughters!

Dear Ranya and Rabab!
General Sameh Seif El Yazal’s daughters with the whole dear family.

It’s tough to loose a hero and it’s killing to be the father!
The loss is great, and the tears won’t do much… Millions are having sad moments at the moment. Yes you should be proud of being daughters of such a great man. A wise courageous and strong person, yet decent, respected and kind. Sadly he left us, but he left us two pearls reflecting his life and continuing his path! Stand up great daughters and wait upon God, He still has great plans for you, you still have unique roles and extraordinary mission.

A life of such a great person is a reference and great manual for Egypt’s lovers. His footsteps must be taught to generations to come, and should be followed by today’s nation leaders. Although the public-mentioned side about him is so honoring and great, but I’m sure that even greater roles and more honoring stories are hidden behind his sensitive military positions. Definitely you know more, but I’m sure that there are even more and more honoring stories that you didn’t even know about. Unluckly I didn’t have the chance to talk to this great man as other thousands had. But I’m honored to know you, genuine people who gave me even better insight about general Sameh’s personal life and how he obviously invested in you and the family uniquely.

I’m sure you feel yourselves lost in the midst of nowhere; hundreds of unanswered questions, and tons of unknowns, maybe fears. Life did not end and your father’s life is extended through yours. Lift your eyes up! God is in control and He is the only one who feels your real deep feelings and loss. He is your complete need and your only support… Ask His presence in your darkness and follow His guidance throughout your endless pain. He is the great listener, and the source of love.

My deepest condolences to both of you with your respected mother and the whole beloved family.